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Turn your brownfield P&ID diagrams into a data foundation

PlantGraph converts static P&IDs into accessible and usable data for your plant personnel and your data scientists

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Ground-truth plant analytics

Query any asset or set of asset connections

Integrate with other data sources to connect and represent data as it exists on-site

Power meta-analysis across the plant

Leverage asset sequencing and connectivity to model end-to-end simulations

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Smarter, faster action in the field

Search for P&IDs, equipment, tags, lines, etc.

Visualize equipment connections within and across P&IDs

Connect to other data sources to see equipment information in one place

Highlight and select equipment for specific actions like turnaround or maintenance

Filter appearance of text, sensors and symbols to improve digestibility of P&IDs

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Ingest brownfield P&ID data​

Scrape and digitize all brownfield P&ID information

So P&ID information becomes accessible and usable​

Format digitized P&ID information so field and business users can easily find, access, and use it

To see how the entire plant is connected

Break past the boundaries of static diagrams and see how the plant is connected in its entirety

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So you can interact with your assets in a meaningful way

Understand how assets connect to one another and to the flow of production across the plant​

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And make your existing data more powerful

Connect real-time process and equipment data with the context of the physical plant, to support real-world analysis

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To enable analytics at scale throughout the plant

Power models that take into consideration how the entire unit and plant is set up

Accelerate digitization of brownfield sites at any stage of the digital journey

How can PlantGraph help you?

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