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We build with purpose.

Blue Print


We are cross-functional collaborators. 

We blend manufacturing process knowledge with software & big data engineering expertise to create value in physical settings

We are experienced. 

We are armed with industry leading experts in numerical simulation, combustion, power, computational fluid dynamics and chemical process modeling

We are serious builders. 

We develop our platforms using leading practices in IT/OT architecture, OT security, AI architecture, ML Ops and Platform engineering

Blue Print

Flexibility enables scale.

We believe in modular, scalable architecture; whatever you build now should be usable in the future

No more "black boxes".

We promote open standards and access; digitization of our physical world requires it

Value over buzzwords.

Strategy and P&L needs drive our approach; business first, data assets second, technology third

Respect uniqueness.

We believe AI does not work with a one size fits all approach.  Physical environments are complex and require customized model design and development


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